Get Wider Market Appeal With Mobiamo Mobile Carrier Billing

Let gamers make purchases and add charges to their mobile phone bills. Monetize payments on mobile to reach new and lucrative territories.

Monetize the Mobile Way
Monetize the Mobile Way
Get premium SMS and Direct Carrier Billing payments! Mobiamo is integrated with over 240 operators worldwide to offer mobile payments coverage for over 3 billion people. Let gamers take control of their purchases via smartphone, tablet, and smart TV. DCB lets them buy, and add, charges to their phones for a remote payment to go with their monthly bill. It makes mobile payments easy for players with a 1-click process on a device to setup a payment by entering their phone number. Simple and secure, which grows annual revenue more.
Positive Payments

Reach Gamers in Untapped Territories

Monetize games in developing countries with a far-reaching APM, designed to allow players to make a payment for the first time. 
With Terminal3, businesses can now reach unbanked and developing countries adapting to the video games industry, allowing for new income streams.

Easier Payments, Happier Customers

All gamers need to do is enter their phone number to complete a transaction. With a short checkout flow, developers can expect higher conversion rates. 
And happier customers! DCB ensures players are never kept waiting long, which returns them to their gaming experience and increases their enjoying factor and long-term loyalty.

Monetize on Mobile

Monetize payments on mobile to reach new and lucrative territories.