Every enterprise customer has different needs, so we pride ourselves in accommodating each client with a custom solution and pricing model after a consultation.

We have a 360° view of your company's goals across different regions to ensure we can provide the best solutions for your needs. That includes custom pricing.

During your consultation, we cover your registered entities, sales and monetization strategy, pricing, tax situation and jurisdictions, and technical needs.

We'll also explain how to integrate our solution, customer service, risk and fraud management, manage chargebacks, the processes related to game operations, and financial matters such as reporting, reconciliation, and communication between our teams.

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Sell Worldwide With a Standard Price

3 percent

+ Payment System Fee and Basic Maintenance Fee

Special rates for enterprise, please contact us!

Monetization Package
Number of Payment Channel Options


Global Complience (GDPR, Privacy)
Tax Remittance and Compliance
Customer Support
Local Entity


Chargeback Management
Fraud and Risk Management
Credit Card Processing
Alternative Payments
Subsription Management
Mobile Carrier Billing
Shop Builder


Terminal3's Merchant of Record Pricing

Simplify Your Global Expansion

With one platform, you get get full merchant of record services to handle global payments, tax, fraud, and compliance needs. All you need is one account and you're fully setup!

Remove the need for multiple vendors and integrations, we take care of anything while you focus on running your business.

Take Control of Risk & Fraud

Terminal3's MOR services reduce risks global transactions create, with PCI compliance across worldwide territories. Remove the threat of local tax laws in regions across the world, helping you to enter new markets hassle free.

Our Medusa software also stops fraud in its tracks, ensuring your transactions continue smoothly so you can grow your revenue.

Monetization Models

Terminal3 partners are video game developers and publishers who embrace monetization as an essential part of their creative business - and employ our customizable solutions to reach their audience and revenue goals.

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Mobile SDKs

Our Core Mobile SDK is light in size - only 2.2MB - easily integratable into your app becoming a native part of your App. The payment interface is loaded upon a user clicking a link or a payment button, and the user is able to complete the payment with a minimum number of clicks.

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Checkout API

Checkout API is the most popular way to integrate Terminal3 Payments. It links to an iframe which loads as a layer or inside the app or web interface in a responsive manner. The payment interface is inside the iframe and the user completes the payment with minimal clicks for all kinds of payment options and credit cards, all configurable from the admin panel without the need for a dev to execute a release.

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Virtual Currency API

This API quickly allows a game company to sell its in-game virtual currency to its users by simply setting up price points in the admin along with a virtual currency exchange rate. The system auto-calculates the amount of virtual currency needing to be disbursed for a real world currency amount they can spend. Bonuses and promotional discounts can also be set from the admin for holiday promos or in-game events without the need of a dev release.

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In-Game Widgets

In-Game widgets allow the devs to highly customize the look and feel of a payment interface and make available credit cards and alternative payment options seamlessly with no additional integration, all configurable via the Terminal3 Admin. This method supports client-side tokenization, iframe fields and server-to-server integrations for your games.

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Hosted Payment pages

Terminal3 provides hosted pages that you can link to from your app or website. These are highly customizable and the payment options and order displayed enable the monetization of various regions thanks to the availability of local payment methods. The user is able to quickly see what they are buying and check out within the page with an ecommerce style checkout experience with as few clicks as possible. The refunds are handled via the Terminal3 Admin.

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Subscriptions API

Terminal3 Subscriptions API allows game devs to bill the end users based on a specific schedule automatically. Once a user makes his first payment via the subscription engine, our system signs them up for recurring billing which can be upgraded, downgraded or stopped via API, T3 Admin or customer service.

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TokiDoki APIs

TokiDoki is a more advanced and modern, highly configurable recurring billing engine by Terminal3. It features management tools that can modify packages, alter subscriptions, report transactions, and more.

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Smart TV SDKs Samsung, LG (TV-only)

Do you sell your apps on Smart TVs? Terminal3 Smart TV SDKs allow you to accept payments on Samsung and LG Smart TVs and can be integrated into the TV based app. This platform not only allows the user to pay via the remote control but generates a QR code that can be scanned by a phone to continue the payment on the phone or via a link on a laptop, where upon a payment being completed, the TV proceeds to the next step unlocking the content.


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