Terminal3 Monetization suite
Within the Terminal3 Monetization Suite, you can track the performance of your monetization projects separately from one another. Enabling you to evaluate and do A/B tests. You can implement different monetization models without having to do another integration or asking your development team for help, saving you time and money and the time to market. Most changes can be done from the admin tools or your account managers.
Terminal3 Services
Terminal3 Services
Medusa Risk & Fraud Engine
24/7 Live CRM & Merchant Support
Chargeback Management
Tax Calculation, Compliance & Remittance
Terminal3 Services
Platform Fee
Global Monetization made easy, with one API
Global monetization made easy. You don’t need to pay 30% to platforms, you can self-publish or handle your global monetization using Terminal3 for 3% platform fee. This includes the full monetization suite, fraud engine, and 24/7 customer support.
The Terminal3 Team Is Close To You
Whether you're a game developer in Asia, Europe, North America, or South America, the Terminal3 team is close to you. Get in touch to meet us at one of our offices or to arrange a call.
The Terminal3 Team Is Close To You