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Through 20 offices globally located in San Francisco, London, Berlin, Lisbon, Sofia, Cairo, Kyiv, Manila, Hanoi, Beijing, Shenzhen, Seoul, Gurgaon, and Bangalore, Terminal3 provides game developers and their end-users support in over 30 languages with call centers, risk and fraud prevention divisions, and support teams working 24/7, 365 days a year.

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Our Payment Pyramid

Terminal3 is a game monetization engine.

But an engine without gas can't run. The two licensed financial institutions we rely on provide the backend capabilities of Terminal3 no other game company or game payments platform has access to. It took seven years of hard work for us to build.

• Paymentwall Global Local Payment Options and Spiderpay Payalto Gateway
• Paymentwall PCI-DSS Compliant SpiderPipe Brick Gateway
• Mobiamo Mobile Payments M2 Gateway
• FasterPay Platform for Payins and Payouts.

Our Thanks

We thank the gaming industry for helping us to build an amazing global company. Without your trust, and you using our services and products, we wouldn't be here today.

We have hosted events in our venues around the world and we have contributed to conferences and helped people in emergency, or connected people who need each other.

Don't hesitate to contact our marketing team or business development team as we're more than happy to listen.

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