Our Company

Terminal3 was spun out of Paymentwall in 2018

Paymentwall was born in San Francisco, CA as a startup. We were born global. We always had diverse team members coming from all nations and we also had an office in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Paymentwall initially served game companies on the Facebook platform by providing them with Payment solutions in "exotic" locations such as South East Asia.

We became the first partners of many local payment companies in the world such as:

  • Alipay and WeChat Pay in China.
  • MercadoPago and PagSeguro in Brazil.
  • All began expanding their reach to the games space and enabling users in these regions to make payments to the games.

Our Model

Many companies copied our model and started promoting the same services. But what makes our platform different from theirs is our platform is built as a digital first platform.

It's built three times over based on our learning from our mistakes in the previous versions. This enabled us to build the best architecture that enabled a modularity allowing us to fully customize all the payment interfaces.

We can add any payment method into the platform very quickly. And we support many monetization models with specific modules we created specifically for digital product sales.

In 2011, Facebook decided to create Facebook Credits and take offers and payments in-house. This taught us the hard way we should never rely on a single platform as a company.

We decided to invest our money

Most of our competitors were VC funded companies and the VCs sold them off and shut them down to cut their losses. All of their non-Facebook clients signed up for Paymentwall and when we expected to have significant drops in revenue, instead it increased drastically and we survived.

We decided to invest our money in becoming a competent global payments player. We opened up a sister company in Nevada and started applying for MTL licenses in the United States. We also expanded to Amsterdam, Netherlands and applied for a payment license in Europe.

That didn't work out, so we relocated to the UK and did the same. And we spun out FasterPay, a digital wallet that allowed us to run the payments layer of our business, without having to rely on any other third-party party payment provider.

Finally, in 2018, it was time for us to spin out Terminal3 to service game clients with a product specific to their needs.


Istanbul office opens up in the highest skyscraper in Turkey.
Nairobi, Kenya, Lagos, Nigeria, Bogota, Colombia, Vilnius, Lithuania, Jakarta, Indonesia offices opened up to service respective markets.
Cairo Office opened up to provide support in Arabic.
We relaunched a new version of Terminal3 Storefront.
An office was opened outside of New Delhi Capital Region in Gurgaon as well as in Bangalore, Karnataka to service the Indian market.
A second office in Shenzhen opened in China, to service the South of China market.
Mobile Phone usage surpasses PC usage for the first time.
Sofia, Bulgaria office was opened.
Moscow office opened to service Russian clients locally.
Lisbon Office opened to support Portuguese and Spanish speaking markets in Latam in Europe.

Our Payment Pyramid

Terminal3 is a game monetization engine.

But an engine without gas can't run. The two licensed financial institutions we rely on provide the backend capabilities of Terminal3 no other game company or game payments platform has access to. It took seven years of hard work for us to build.

  • Terminal3
  • Paymentwall Global Local Payment Options and Spiderpay Payalto Gateway
  • Paymentwall PCI-DSS Compliant SpiderPipe Brick Gateway
  • Mobiamo Mobile Payments M2 Gateway
  • FasterPay Platform for Payins and Payouts.

Our Thanks

We thank the gaming industry for helping us to build an amazing global company. Without your trust, and you using our services and products, we wouldn't be here today.

We have hosted events in our venues around the world and we have contributed to conferences and helped people in emergency, or connected people who need each other.

Don't hesitate to contact our marketing team or business development team as we're more than happy to listen.

If there's anything we can do to help, please let us know: support@terminal3.com

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