Customizable payment widgets for global sales growth

Get Terminal3's fully customizable UI and checkout widgets for your site. With our widgets you can sell on multiple devices with one API integration, all through a cross-platform checkout with local payment options for different regions.

Widget Flexibility
Fully customizable widgets

Fully customizable widgets

Widgets are customized by Terminal3's in-house design team. 
You can also adjust the widgets further by editing the CSS, so you have the flexibility to deliver the payment options for your players.
Making payments simple

Making payments simple

Terminal3's payment widgets accept all major credit cards and provide gamers with a nifty, secure payment method without having to leave your game. 
Apply the payment features you want from an easy-to-use payment panel, while upselling your in-game items such as DLC, collectibles, and virtual currencies.
Accept transactions in any payment method
Accept payments through all leading payment methods! These can be accepted with customizable hosted payment pages (also known as widgets!). Terminal3's widgets can be loaded with iframe or can be redirected as you need, ensuring you get streamlined revenue from gamers with no hassle.

Get Customizable Payment Widgets to Earn More Revenue

Sell on multiple devices with a single, easy API integration.