Local Payment Processing In 200+ Local Alternative Payment Options

Instantly benefit from over 200+ payment methods to manage local and global payment needs, with a mix of local credit/debit cards, digital wallets, virtual currencies, and in-game payments.

Global Payment Coverage

Expand Your Business' Global Reach

Reach more customers than ever before by expanding global payment offerings, which takes businesses into new territories to increase revenue. 

Stay competitive across local and worldwide requirements with the latest payment methods gamers expect, promoting brand loyalty and happier players.

Scalable Alternative Payment Methods When Needed

Take full advantage of Terminal3's in-house expertise for streamlined payment processing in local and global markets.

Reach more customers and increase payment acceptance rates with business growing expertise that expands on existing payment methods when necessary.
Reduce Risk & Fraud With Medusa
Reduce Risk & Fraud With Medusa
Benefit from a 24/7 risk management team spread across three continents. They monitor and review high-risk transactions with Medusa—our bespoke fraud prevention software. We also deliver dispute resolution forLocal Alternative Payment Options transaction, allowing you to resolve fraud and non-fraud disputes before they become a chargeback.

Local Alternative Payment Options That Increase Your Revenue

Increase global game sales with 200+ local APMs, tailored to match your players' payment expectations.