Global Monetization made easy, with one API

The game industry moves fast and developers need flexible payment solutions to sell worldwide. We provide open APIs and a quick onboarding process for devs who want to launch their games globally and increase revenue and monetize your games.

Your Customized Enterprise Pricing Package
Your Customized Enterprise Pricing Package
Every enterprise customer has different needs, so we pride ourselves in accommodating each client with a custom solution and pricing model after a consultation. We have a 360° view of your company's goals across different regions to ensure we can provide the best solutions for your needs. That includes custom pricing. During your consultation, we cover your registered entities, sales and monetization strategy, pricing, tax situation and jurisdictions, and technical needs. We'll also explain how to integrate our solution, customer service, risk and fraud management, manage chargebacks, the processes related to game operations, and financial matters such as reporting, reconciliation, and communication between our teams.
Monetization Package
Number of Payment Channel Options
Global Complience (GDPR, Privacy)
Tax Remittance and Compliance
Customer Support
Local Entity
Not Required
Chargeback Management
Fraud and Risk Management
Credit Card Processing
Alternative Payments
Subsription Management
Mobile Carrier Billing
Shop Builder
Additional Cost

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