TokiDoki APIs let you perfect your recurring billing

Terminal3 offers you open APIs to customize your game and get you up and running with your subscription management. Start monetizing your title today with recurring billing that meets your players' needs with one simple integration.

TokiDoki is designed to make you succeed
TokiDoki is designed to make you succeed
TokiDoki is an advanced, modern, and configurable billing engine. Its management tools modify packages, alter subscriptions, report transactions, and support every step of your financial goals. Tailor your subscription packages to make the most of your monetization opportunities. Capture loyal players, keep them keen, and expand your game's global reach.
Positive Payments

One subscription API to get you started

TokiDoki's API is built to let you easily manage your subscription billing by integrating one API into your game.
It's easy to setup and affordable, whether you're a AAA dev or small indie studio. Our complete documentation lets you get started inn no time, with the results being hassle free billing to guarantee you a steady cashflow from your players.

Automated subscription management saves you time and money

TokiDoki APIs automate your recurring billing. However you want your packages provided to your players, the API ensures payments arrive as one-time or regular billing. 
You also get full access to your subscription dashboard, so you're always in the know when funds are upcoming, missed, or denied. Our Dunning feature then lets you follow up on missed payments, lowering your churn rates with reminders straight to players.

Smart Subscriptions for Smart Merchants

Use Terminal3's Subscription API to guarantee a steady revenue stream.