Grow your revenue with Terminal3's Subscription API

Subscriptions let you grow your business with a steady cash. With Terminal3's Subscriptions API, you can embed subscription functionality into your games, enabling your players to pick-and-choose the package that suits their needs at key sales moments.

List your game, reach millions of players
List your game, reach millions of players
Our API methods let you customize subscriptions to meet your business goals, before integrating widgets into your game to access X+ payment gateways and X+ currencies and local payment methods. Take control of your subscription packages while tailoring coupons, promotions, and other options to promote sales and gain long-term player loyalty.
Positive Payments

Get the toolset you need to grow your revenue

Get lifelong fans of your gaming experiences with a subscription API that boosts revenue and player engagement. Build your community with a loyal fanbase based on subscription packages that work for your growing community. 

Terminal3 integrates you with over X payment providers to help your players blast through the sales funnel with multiple APMs for a seamless checkout thanks to one API.

Deliver value to boost player retention

Put your players in control of their gaming experience. Let them upgrade, downgrade, renew, freeze, and unfreeze their subscriptions as and when they need to. 
Deliver value to your players to maintain engagement, lower churn rates, and upsell to players with your latest packages and content.

Smart Subscriptions for Smart Merchants

Use Terminal3's Subscription API to guarantee a steady revenue stream.