Convert more with Terminal3's Checkout API

Terminal3's Checkout API is easily integratable payment page for your checkout. This guarantees your players have a seamless sales process, while you benefit from fast and secure transactions that increase your payment acceptance rates.

Get your conversion-optimized payment form
Get your conversion-optimized payment form
Terminal3's Checkout API is designed to remove payment friction, with real-time card verification and inbuilt error messaging. We make it easier than ever to get access to a world-class payments experience, which grows your sales, business, and player loyalty.
Sell Globally And Risk-Free

Sell internationally with mobile-ready integration

Launch your checkout mobile-ready to tap into increasing gamer markets and APMs, with a fully responsive design for App Store and Google Play. 
And with 150+ APMs and customizable brands, you can deliver a personalized and targetted checkout process your players will love for its simplicity and ease of use.

Fight off fraud and increase compliance

The Checkout API lets you verify payment details and take payments with a prebuilt payment flow hosted by us at Terminal3.
We also simplify PCI compliance, are SCA ready, and stop card testing attacks. This guarantees your fraud and compliance measures are on point, further enchancing your checkout experience.

Create a Secure and Seamless Checkout Experience

Get your tailored subscription packages setup to boost loyalty and increase player engagement.