About Us
Our Philosophy

Back when we started, in our penthouse office in San Francisco, in Market street, we had bought a sign from Urban outfitters that read "Fucking Fantastic".

We changed this slogan and adopted as our company motto "Fucking Amazing". This wasn't bragging about how good we were.

This was more a way for us to remind ourselves that the service we provide to our customers and the experience we provide should be Fucking Amazing.

Unfortunately, Paymentwall has stopped to use this slogan due to banks frowning upon such language as we decided to become a fully vested and licensed payment provider.

We really do miss our slogan, but our service vies to provide the same experience to our users and our merchants alike. We try to create unique good experiences for all our clients.

When other payment companies didn't provide customer service, we knew we wouldn't be able to do it without a 24/7 call center.

As game users are impatient and they want to know what happened to their payment right away in the middle of the game.

So we adopted a five minute response time rule for ourselves and we opened our call center to Manila, Philippines. And our customers experience the care and love of our Filipino team members. Now we've also expanded this to Bogota and Cairo.

This way we have the level of redundancy needed around the world.

A Culture of Inclusion and Diversity

If you look at products built by diverse teams in cities where many people from many different backgrounds live, diversity is a way to improve your product and service really quickly by using the different perspectives and skills people bring to the team.

We applied this principle globally and went to different parts of the world in search for talent and created a global team and culture that allows the teams to build products and collaborate throughout the day, servicing users and merchants alike.

And we support diversity across different beliefs and requirements in the workplace, including LGBT, disability, and religious beliefs.
It's our mission to promote an inclusive and supportive working environment to everyone. We want our employees to enjoy an empowering environment where they're free to work comfortably.

And as a truly global business, we excel as a workforce spread across different continents, in 24 offices worldwide, with colleagues working alongside each other.

Be Curious

At the end of an interview, a team member of ours told the candidate when they asked what advice they would give them about working at our company.

Our team member responded: "Curiosity is gonna be your best friend".

We love curious people who ask questions, who learn, and who want to grow. Many people after years of working with us say they have never stopped learning and everyday there's more stuff to learn. We take pride in this.

We Celebrate Together

We pride ourselves to be hospitable and we like to celebrate milestones, successes and experiences together with our team.

We also like to organize events for our merchants or future merchants and have a good time.

Human Contact

We think providing a digital product doesn't mean we can't meet our clients face to face.

On the contrary, we like to meet our clients, visit their offices, and have them come and visit our offices or meet us outside.

We also welcome our partners to our exclusive events during conferences for a chance for us to spend time together and have fun and celebrate our partnership.

A Design and Usability Conscious Product

Most payment companies don't customize the user experience.

But thanks to the Terminal3 Monetization Engine's architecture, we built a platform that can be fully customized really quickly.

We don't think it's ok to give the same payment experience to everyone and be done. Each experience is unique and the payment interfaces need to match it.

We Care About Win-Win-Win Relationships

We won't negotiate for anything that makes anyone lose in the relationship.

The goal is for everyone to come out better by using our service. This philosophy has served us well and we have built amazing relationships around the world.